About NC Votes

NC Votes turns voting data into useful products and public insights. The goal of the project is to use public data to increase knowledge about voting and elections in North Carolina.

Compiled from the NC State Board of Elections public data files, the data includes information about current and historical precinct maps, election results and voter demographics. The board has posted online demographic and election results data by precinct after 1998, and by county-level going back to 1993. All information on the site is public record, and is allowed and encouraged to be used by any publication with proper citation.

Our Team

Ryan Thornburg
Reese Felts Distinguished Associate Professor, UNC School of Media & Journalism
Kirk Bado
M.A. candidate, UNC School of Media and Journalism
Feng Bill Shi
Data Scientist, The Odum Institute for Research in Social Science
Portrait of Scott Smith, a member of the NC Votes team.
Scott M. Smith
M.S. Candidate, Business Analytics, UNC Department of Statistics and Operations Research
Ishan Shah
Ishan Shah
B.S Candidate, Statistics and Analytics
James Gordon
James Gordon

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